Beginners Courses

Guitar Revolution ($39.95)

Our entry level course literally starts from day 1. Dan takes you through the absolute basics beginning with how to hold your instrument, holding a plectrum and then gradually and skilfully guides you towards being able to play your first chords, lead lines, bluesy riffs, strumming and we even have you playing through 3 full songs by the end of the course! If you are a beginner or want to brush up on the basics this course is an absolute must!

Course Content +

Every lesson, including the guitar science, last between 35 and 60 minutes. These lessons are designed to be like having a personal guitar tutor sitting with you in a one to one session for 45 minutes to an hour. They would explain what you need to learn and then help you learn it… well that’s exactly what we are doing here when combining the video lessons with the Guitar Science system.

  1. “The Basics Covered”  Holding the guitar & pick and your first chords!
  2. “Changing Chords”  Supercharging your chord changes.
  3. “Spider Exercises”  Getting your fingers working individually.
  4. “Your First Song”  Applying what we have learnt so far to this bluesy tune!
  5. “Strumming Patterns”  How to strum properly!
  6. “Song 2″  Applying our new strumming skills to this cool folk tune.
  7. “Easy Theory”  Learning the notes on the neck.
  8. “Blues rock Riff”  Time to get your fingers moving with this cool riff!
  9. “E, A & D Major”  The Big 3 major chords and how to change between them.
  10. “Universal Strumming”  The ultimate strumming and where to go next…
Guitar Science +

This course includes our amazing Guitar Science system. The Guitar Science system literally takes your hand and walks you through exactly how to practice each and every lesson to ensure that you are learning everything as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Guitar Science is available on every single lesson in this course so you will never be left wondering how to go about practicing any of the content Dan delivers to you in the video lessons.